Mistress Misook

  • BDSM 
  • in San Jose

Wicked and beautiful, a naughty combination of playfulness and ###.########.### and energetic; be prepared for some awesome sessions!

 I am well educated and a woman of high standards.


I can be skeptical yet anticipate your every move to find your hidden secrets. I am a woman of control. Control gives me the power to enslave and humiliate you. Begging for my attention gives me pleasure and satisfaction.


Show your respect now with your submission and subservience. As you enter my world you will see the diversity of my domination style. I have many skills, talents and interests to get under your skin. The very act of controlling you, pushing your limits and sending you deep into a trancelike state of abject submission gives me the rush I crave.


I am a connoisseur of submission and seek to elicit your most intense reactions. Tell me about the things that drive you wild slave, I want wholehearted enthusiastic submission, not just tolerance of a specific activity because I enjoy it. What I enjoy most is the power exchange and deep intimate connection between a Mistress and her slave. This is far harder to achieve when you're just going through the motions. Believe me because I can feel the difference. Since I am in control you can always rest easy knowing I will thoroughly enjoy whatever you do to serve me. I only do things I enjoy and will flat out reject any suggestions or requests I find distasteful.


One of my slaves wrote the following: "Goddess Misook is a hypnotically beautiful, compassionate, professional Dominant. She trains submissive and fetishists that wish to explore their fantasies in a safe, sane, and discreet environment. As a professional Dominatrix, she has fully developed Her naturally feminine powers of persuasion, intuition and understanding.


"Goddess Misook's skill as a dominatrix is only matched by her extraordinary beauty. she has a lean and feminine figure with the face of hypnotic allure. She carries herself with the grace and confidence of true female superiority. Her eyes will allure you, Her smell will intoxicate you, and Her voice will leave you trembling."


"As an intelligent and complex Woman, Her mood can range from seductively sensual to intensely severe. She will treat novices with the understanding and patience that they need, and will give experienced submissive and the naughty a thorough training they deserve. Your limits will always be respected. She, in turn, demands obedience through guidance, regulation and strict control. She is a very refined and elegant Mistress. Make no mistake, though, she is always in control."


 No illegal sexual activities! Only Domination and Fetish! Safe San Jose location!

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