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Happy New Year to all!

"From time to time in course of human events, we have an opportunity to meet someone extraordinary; someone who has reached a position of being the very best at what they do - in this case it is Dolly Jewel.  Drop dead gorgeous with a magnificent body, smooth beautiful skin, tight abs, perfect breasts, long taut legs, a very pretty face with a smile that lights up a room.  When she opens the door and you see her for the first time, her beauty and sexuality are breathtaking.  If this were not enough, she is a powerful sexual woman. indeed, the Webster Dictionary definition for sexually insatiable is Dolly Jewel.  She is my shinning star, brighter than all others.  I am completely infatuated. If you have good taste and the good fortune to be able to enjoy beautiful, powerful, sexual women, you will likewise be enchanted by this exceptional and gifted woman. " AspenSkier

You want to experience the best life can offer. You want it all:

Beckoning beauty;enchanting smile;spell-binding personality;worldly culture;educated and articulate;the rock-hard physique of a competitive athlete;attentive to the smallest details of an all-enthralling intensely erotic experience;and a magnetism that draws you into her world like a tractor beam.


Is there such a woman?  Enter Dolly's World and find out for yourself why she has been RANKED the #1 Escort Worldwide.

A former world-class athlete with 36D-24-36 measurements in a statuesque 5'7"package, Dolly has the sexy fit and ripped but femininely supple body that other women dream of having, the body that makes men weak in the knees.  Her voice is like a late-afternoon Spring shower, soft and soothing. Her wit and intelligence amaze you at every turn because Dolly is often two steps ahead of where you are. Dolly focuses every one of her senses directly on you when you are lucky enough to capture this free spirit for a truly unforgettable experience together.  Be careful how close you get¦you may never want to escape her spell.


There simply is none other like her:DOLLY JEWEL


When not training her body to maintain her unequaled fitness and shape, this siren of exquisite, sensual pleasures is a full-time businesswoman who yearns to connect with a very limited and exclusive circle of mature, successful, intelligent, like-minded men during her limited free time. If you are lucky enough to enter Dolly’s circle, prepare to be amazed, dazzled, and saturated with unequaled satisfaction, wondering aloud when you can experience her again.

Your living fantasy is waiting...

Please enjoy Dolly's erotic short stories on her blog on her site. Please take a moment to look over Dolly's website before contacting her.  Alll of her donations are listed on her site under "donations" tab.

Sexy blog: Coffee Shop Sundays

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"Rarely if ever these days do you have an experience so extraordinary that you feel compelled to write about it in order to share it with others. Dolly is such an experience. Beautiful, intelligent, seductive, sensual, fun, and stunning only scratch the surface. Set your sights as high as you like, they will be exceeded I assure you. Not only will she make you feel like a singular god, you will find yourself compelled to treat her as your goodness. I will spare you details. I am not one to kiss and tell. Do yourself a favor and reach out. She's as close to a guarantee that you could ever find."  Anonymous, MB.

Dolly has a body that looks like it was carved out of ivory, a perfectly formed symphony of muscles and curves. She has a beautiful face and an easy, winning smile. She's the stereotypical girl that is so pretty that it is possible to lose track of what you are saying in mid-sentence. She loves pleasing her partner. It is a spectacular package of attributes." Anonymous SC.

"Love your stories on your blog, just so erotic, naughty and fun all at the same time! As one of your many fans and a client too, I know we are all grateful to have you as the real life personification of the perfect fantasy!" Anonymous, CG.

"You are the absolute definition of beauty and passion, and smarts...I love our times together.!!" Anonymous, K.

"You are by far the most stunningly beautiful, sensual, smart, classy, physically fit, personally engaging, witty, and overall complete woman I've ever encountered!"  Anonymous, W.







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