Blonde Tabatha

  • Escort / Massage 
  • in Portland

Escape the mundane with an experiment in fantasy and pleasure. Tall, tan Swedish looks with a lingerie model's body, Inquire within-Spa day, dinner date, two girl adventures..


I've seen her around for a while now...never brave enough to make first contact


Her body so soft and firm, it give me a rise and I know I want more


I want to experience fully both body and mind


Now and then, she's in my dreams, and I can feel her fingertips running up and down my leg


I awake with a start, my blood drawn to all the right places, I've got to have more than just this


I need to feel her skin, take in her scent, feel her body pressed on mine


Wanting to see the curve of her shoulders, the arch of her back


The thought makes me sweat, my resistance is wearing thin


But I've tried so hard to not give in, to indulge my fantasy, but leave well enough alone


The temptation becomes too much, the attraction too strong


I'm not one to go this far, but for her, the temptation is more than my will power endures


I have to take that chance, the chance that I might actually share the air she's in...


What wiould she do to me, given the chance, how would she make my body feel


Her touch


I am left with only one choice


And so, I give in.




If you're the type of gentleman craving an experience of a higher level and caliber, you will find my disposition both warm and welcoming. Prefer first class to coach? Whether you're escaping a busy day to come and see me for a weekday breakfast, lunch or afternoon meeting, I can accomodate you. For the 'dinner and such' date, my evenings and weekends are exclusively for you. I offer regular sessions, two girls, or my specialty, Nuru.


Our session begins with your arrival at my door, myself in elegant lingerie and stockings. or naughtier attire, your choice. You will notice that the scene has been set, from soft music, to candles, to perhaps even an erotic movie playing in the background. Lap dances, erotic games, or just quiet, sensuous enjoyment, what's your pleasure? I enjoy receiving pleasure as much as giving, and the idea of you sharing your fantasies intrigues me.


Preferred method of contact-email


Rates: Eros Special (Please mention when booking)

Incall, 300/hr or 400/two

Outcall 500/hr, 700/two




I am interested in Nuru, and want to know more about it?

Feel free to contact me via email and I can direct you to links on Nuru. Nuru is a form of sensual healing affecting you in a way few other methods allow. It's an amazing experience that will bring you back again. 

What are your safety/screening procedures?

I do ask for a reference from another provider. But in the case the you've haven't seen someone before, email me and there are a couple other ways we can make it work!


Will you escort me on a business trip?

Absolutely. But I will have needed to see you atleast once, so that we know the chemistry is there. I will generally occupy my time while you are working, and then be ready to go the moment you finish for playtime! (Warm climates are a big time bonus!)


Discretion is of the utmost can you guarantee this?

While no one can guarantee, by looking at my many outstanding reviews of friends that have seen me multiple times, you will feel assured that I am professional and respectful of your private life at all times.


Are those really your pictures?

Yes. And none are older than one year. The more recent you will see by when they were added to my site. But again, my reiviews will tell you that I am who I represent myself to be.


You have another job, so what is your availability? How do I know you will see me?

Emailing is the most efficient way to get ahold of me, and as long as you are a gentleman, have a verifiable reference, and can set plans ahead of time, we'll make it work. I promise to be worth the extra effort.

Due to the fact that I don't get to play as much as I like, I think my excitement is at it's peak, and that's just the way I like it!


Do you have reviews that I can see?

Yes, and they are on my website, as well as all major boards under Tabatha, so be sure and look them up.


Tabatha, do you accept gifts?

I adore them, and there's a list of things on my website that I especially adore! But  flowers are ALWAYS a nice gesture and very much apprectated.


I want to see you today, is this possible?

To be honest, probably not. But please do try to email me, because you never know. If I do not get right back to you, I am working and will as soon as I can!


Do you see couples or do two girl sessions?

Again, yes, but email me with your special requests and we can go from there. 

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