Domina Ava St. Marks

  • BDSM 
  • in Philadelphia

Bondage Mistress. Strict Nurse, Seductive Sadist

I want your total surrender, mind and body.  My goal is connection and catharsis for us both through BDSM.  My expectations of you are high, the number one being willingness. Every encounter will be unique and you will grow to crave my Dominant presence in your life.  With 15+ years of experience, I have the skill and talent to guide you into the deep end of your kinky desires.

I have a true passion for BDSM, you will know this the minute you step into my world.  I'm open to crafting a session together or completely orchestrating a scene myself that respects both of our limits and safety. While many of my scenes are edgy and extreme, what I love best is variety and will be equally happy in a lighter scene with great chemistry. I derive pleasure from the following:

  • Medical Play: One of my primary areas of expertise, I enjoy giving examinations and treatments for whatever your condition.
  • Bondage: A passion of mine, from light to extreme the equipment at my disposal is both elaborate and top notch.  I especially enjoy suspensions, predicaments and complete immobilizations.
  • Tease and Denial: I adore amusing myself and tormenting you in this way.
  • Sensation Play: From comple deprivation to intense overload of the senses, I will layer sensations expertly.
  • Torture: My creativity in this area is immense.
  • Role Play: Nothing is taboo, I will make your wildest ideas a reality
  • Humiliation: Verbal, raunch, showers and objectification, I enjoy this best when part of a complex and varied scene.
  • Punishment: You will learn your lesson with me-from behavioral modification using corporal techniques,  humbling and painful methodology, to tease and denial, change will happen!
  • Caning: Rythmic and judicial, my favorite form of discipline.
  • Sadism: I'm a true sexual sadist, nothing excites me more than inflicting pain.
  • Extended Sessions: These are a true joy for me.


Sessions are held in my private, top notch playspace, unmatched by any in the Philadelphia area. I have an authentic Medical Room, a spacious Dungeon filled with bondage furniture and gear beyond your wildest imagination. My pictures just show a fraction of the equipment available. Some highlights of my collection are:

  • A Catherine's Wheel
  • A Padded Jail Cell under the stairs, easily accommodates a Prisoner for extended periods of time
  • A Bondage Wall, St. Andrews Cross, Cbt Chair, Multiple Spanking Benches, a Bondage Table, a Large Coffin, suspension cage and a fully functioning winch
  • Multiple bodybags in leather, canvas and latex, all custom made in England, Canada and Germany
  • Latex Vac Bed Hoods, gasmasks, straightjackets, mitts, armbinders, bondage straps, gags and body harnesses
  • Electrical Play devices and Machines from the best manufacturers in the industry.
  • CBT and NT devices
  • Chastity cages
  • Canes, Floggers, Paddles, Whips
  • An infamous STRAP-ON collection, from tiny to IMPRESSIVE
  • A Gyno Table with foot stirrups and a Hydraulic Hospital Gurney with comfortable knee stirrups.
  • Bags, Nozzles, Tubes in every size and shape

There might be some activities I enjoy that are not on this list - you have permission to inquire as long as you are capable of taking no for an answer.

 I do not under any circumstances offer same day sessions, do not ask.


Session Information: A respectful approach is required, I prefer well seasoned players with references. I recommend a 3 hour session if your interests are as varied as mine. Your safety is of the utmost importance to me - know that I have very stringent cleaning procedures and will be in tune with your limits.

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