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A New Year. A New Adventure...

We're already into the New Year - have you kept your resolutions? I KNOW you promised to make 2015 your best year ever! :-) How strange I haven't heard from you yet? That's alright, we can still "celebrate" together.

We both know how to begin this wonderful year the right way - and if you are a little shy, that's fine, I know my special touch will bring you around...*;) 

Simply send me an email. Please include any verification site you are on and/or 2 provider references with their contact information, your first and last name, occupation and website.




Eros Authenticated

In order for an Eros advertiser to be eligible to have the Authenticated seal affixed to their advertisement or to be placed in Eros' Authenticated category, the Eros Guide must have received tangible information that the individual appearing in the photographs on any specific advertisement intended to be advertised on the Eros Guide as an individual providing adult companionship. Such proof could include comparing the pictures submitted to the Eros Guide on an advertisement with either government issued Id's or pictures taken by Eros Guide employees at many of the various industry related functions that the Eros Guide attends each year.

However, please be aware that the Eros Guide cannot and does not make any guarantees or warranties that either (a) the advertiser in the pictures on any particular ad will be the same individual who shows up for any date arranged between an advertiser and yourself, (b) that any of the text, including the name of the advertiser, or stats that appears on an advertisement is accurate or truthful.