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Photo of Corey Edwards Mature Experienced

Corey Edwards Mature Experienced

Greetings -- I'm 55, Sweet, Sexy, Soft, SLOW, Sensual and a Experienced Guide. Ready for an expedition ? More »

  • Female
  • Brunette
  • 5'10"
  • Independent
  • 55
  • Green
  • 40F
  • 35"
  • 38"
  • Caucasian
  • Men
  • Incall and Outcall
  • NW Atlanta

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Corey Edwards Mature Experienced

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The hunt is powerful.  The hunter and the hunted--in the perfect hunt--become one.   Two bodies thrashing-- Two hearts beating as one.  Do you thrill to being the hunter or the hunted


Check your gun, your ammo.  Take your vitamins; align your sights.   What you'll find is a refined brunette who's a beauty--sleek and unique. She is wanted by many yet experienced by few.  When handling her, you will have a true trophy experience.  She brings a grace, stealth and animal ferocity that you never dreamed existed.


   Book A Dream Date and A Hunt With Quality, Experience and Fun in a "Discrete Seductive Safe Private Game Preserve"



This is a special quality that appeals only to mature men with the aspect of an ON-GOING DATE ATMOSPHERE and I can be VERY generous with my time (90 Min Requirment)  even after your time is up   40 years of age please.




1 hour     Safare Trek    $200.00-In Call Only

---------------Out Call  300

1 1/2 Hour Safari Trek w/HotTub $ 300.00 

2 Hours     Safari Indulgence      $ 500.00       

3 Hours     Grand Experience        $ 600.00   

Overnight Safari Expedition           $1500.00






Corey Edwards Mature Experienced

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Corey Edwards Mature Experienced

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