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Goddess Maria

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Goddess Maria

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First and foremost, communication is key.


Sessions do not HAVE to involve pain. This is a myth. I will be controlling you obviously, but You will not be hurt or marked in any way and there will be no nasty surprises, unless that is what you want..


I like to have a short consultation to exchange information and any other pertinent details. This can be done via email.


You can expect that I am very knowledgeable about the play I engage in, I am extremely safety conscious, and that I love to push and test My slaves and submissives.


I am an intelligent, perceptive Mistress, educated on a university level.  I veer towards the creative, erotic, tactile (VERY), sensual side of play.


I have my own concept of domination and I act in my own individual way.  Its my purpose to illuminate your path of discovery.  By force, if needed and desired.


My version of Sensual Domination, covers a multitude of areas, and offers a true introspective into who YOU are, and insight into the fetish you wish to explore.


I am a consummate artist mastering, what most consider taboo.  My influences, contrary to one's initial assumption of me, are not always dark and demented. My specific interest lay within the psychology of the mind; what makes you tick, lust, and undoubted-ably ###.########.###, compassionate, but in a moments notice can become the unyielding Siren from hell.


Forget about the Cliches of a Dark Mistress

I embody: Refinement, Luxury, Design & Exquisite Light


Evoking power thru Elegance & Femininity.

I am adept in the art of Seduction, Roleplay & Power Play.

Your life will soon be changed in ways you cannot imagine.

I am more than just props. I am wit and pure extravagant imagination.

Incorporating psychological play with female seduction.

This is just the beginning and the possibilities will become endless.

Sensual Domination



Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Overload

Soft Bondage

Tease & Humiliation



Hypnosis Role Play

A Bit More Dark





Human Ashtray




Forced Fem


Girly Training




Spanking by any means




Financial Domination

Constrictions of sorts





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Phone - Text - Web Cam Sessions  are  now available.

Goddess Maria

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Goddess Maria

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