Ms Julie Spanks

  • BDSM / Fetish and Fantasy 
  • in Salt Lake City

Elite Domination Since 2004


I am a lifestyle Mistress, fetishist and formally trained Dominatrix with more than a decade of professional experience training individuals, couples and groups in the fine art of Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism.

I live this lifestyle 24/7.  It is not a day job for Me.

As a highly-skilled, genuine, engaged, quality-over-quantity player, I am somewhat selective of My submissives.  If we have not met yet, I invite you to impress Me.

My preference is for experienced masochists, corporal punishment enthusiasts, foot fetishists and those seeking an evolved BDSM relationship though I tend to entertain most interesting and polite subjects.

I am currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but My love of travel and Domination take Me all over the world.  I visit My former hometown of Portland, Oregon regularly. 

Prior to contacting Me, I request that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with My Domination website. There you will find more information about Me, My kinky interests and non-interests, session types and tribute amounts, a photo gallery, My bustling travel schedule, a link to My blog and most importantly - My contact protocol.  

I lead a life others dream about.  Care to join Me for a while?




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