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Escort in Miami

Visiting Miami November 19th - 21st!

VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura
VIP Lena Czura

Natural Redhead • Witty • Sexy • Kinky

About me

First of all, Twitter is where you'll really get a sense of who I am, @lenaczura :)

Hey there, my name is Lena. My last name is Czura.

I know you're thinking, "C-z-what? How the heck do I say that?" In Enlish, it's Sa-zur-a. It's Polish. Like me :)

I know, I know ... Polish redhead? I've got Ukrainian too, but I swear red hair runs in my family.

That's different. Now you're waiting for me to tell you just how different I am. 

I wont. That's a bettter dinner conversation, don't you think?

Instead, let's see what we have in common. For starters, we've both managed to find ourselves here. Truthfully, we're both here to check out all the beautiful women. I guess the only difference is, I just happen to be one of them. 

I know, it's like, "what's better than a woman-loving natural redhead?" 

Well one who can have this conversation in multiple languages ;D

But, we already said that is to happen over dinner, right? 

See you soon xx,



1-500 • 1.5-700 • 2-900 • 3-1200 

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I verify all potential dates with the upmost discretion. The best way to see me and fast track the screening process is to fill out my secured & encrypted booking form on my contact page. The link to my booking form is on my Twitter :) From there, my lovely sidekick will whisk her magical administrative wand and get you verified *snap* just like that .. it's almost painless ... unless you're into some pain... then I can totally make it painful ;D

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135 lb


35c - 26" - 39"



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couples, men, trans, women

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[email protected]

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