HRH Countess Cane

BDSM in Manhattan

HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane
HRH Countess Cane

We are finally in the dungeon together; you My willing captive, My domain. ''Tonight, you shall serve and worship Me,'' I command you. ''Yes, Your Highness,'' you respond...

About me

I, Countess Cane, the proverbial Royal Bitch, am a well-seasoned all-American WOman. A natural-born FEmale Supremacist, who long ago was classically-mentored by the world renown Domina legend Belle De Jour, and today, I am a 20-years-experienced, long-term 24/7 lifestyle and former long-term professional FemDomme, who is now freshly returned to the professional public arena from hiatus, making Myself once again available to eager participants for torment and instruction. All resumes of submission, service, loyalty, and worship shall be accepted daily.

In My presence, you fully understand there is no pretense in My Female Supremacist FemDomme display, and yet, I always maintain the utmost of an ultra-feminine, whimsical, upbeat-pleasantness; a polite and sensually-powerful tenderness. I shall sweetly caress your cheeks, as I seductively whisper and purr terror into your ears... little erotic tidbits and treasures you shall proudly cherish as you reminisce your submission and service to Me.
BDSM erotica entertainment is highly physical in nature, and what makes it exceptionally delicious for Me is the sensually-powerful synergy the psychological brings. The mind is the most intricate and wonderfully vast of all arenas, truly My favorite playground to torment. With My sinfully-seductive spell cast upon you, thus your body and mind melding into one, I capture, imprison, and render you utterly helpless, vulnerable, and in deeply hypnotic ''subspace.'' The decadent possibilities are endless; you're simply My little toy. 

D/s erotica power-play psychodrama theatrics titillate Me immensely, and experimental loyal subjects are always the tastiest of delicious special treats. Always eagerly enthusiastic and willing to venture onto new erotic BDSM horizons, I proudly possess the debaucherous sensualist's curiosity, generosity, and talent to offer a truly unforgettable experience, having full confidence you shall utterly adore spending time willingly held captive in My Royal Dungeon Chamber.


Behavior Modification
Bondage - Duct tape, Rope, etc. Light to ...
Caging & Abandonment
Canine Training
Corporal Punishment
Equestrian Training
Erotic Electro-play
Erotic Sensual Domination
Extended Sessions 
Falaka / Bastinado
Fire & Ice Play
Foot (US 6.5), Heel, Boot Worship
Hot Wax Play
Human Furniture
m/f submissive(s) Joining Session, Advance Request Required
Partial or Full Body / Face Shaving
Public & Private Humiliation & Degradation
Role-play - Boss, Doctor, Mother, Nurse, Teacher, etc.
Sensory Deprivation
Signal Bullwhipping
Smoking Fetish
Spanking - OTK, Horse, etc.
Tickle Torment

In contacting HRH Countess Cane, you agree to the following: All tribute gift donations are strictly for: Space rental, and/or travel, and /or equipment used. All BDSM entertainment is complimentary. You also agree HRH Countess Cane does not participate in any illegal activities, nor is any type of advertising or discussion intended to be an offer for or agreement to anything illegal, including sexual conduct. Anything outside of BDSM and role play that may occur would be the result of a consensual decision between adults and would not be a part of the donation gift. PRIVACY: Any person and/or institution using this website or any of its associated websites, feel free to use whatever you wish of HRH Countess Cane's content -- just make sure to properly credit, so that folks can find their way to Me. I always love free advertising & thanks. ;)

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