Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina

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Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina
Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina
Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina
Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina
Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina
Mistress Lucy - Asian Domina

Purveyor of Erotic Experiences. Deviant Disciplinarian. Kinky Mentor.

About me

There is a door inside you, a door with many keys and no lock. You know the names of these keys, though you may be afraid to speak them out loud. Submission. Discipline. Bondage. Masochism. Even in print they have a strange gravity. And while the world may try to bury these names in stereotypes and judgments, you have glimpsed something more. In them and the actions they represent you understand there is passage through that inner door of yours, into a space where you are your truest self. Thats what BDSM is a journey of self-discovery and truth. On this journey you will find that every physical sensation has a mental and spiritual reverberation: blindfolds grant sight, ropes bestow freedom, and no satisfaction is as deep as total denial. The path may vary from person to person but no matter who you are, it will change you. In time you will look back on your past self and see only a distant, unrecognizable form.

But this is not a journey you can make on your own, you will need a partner. Someone who resonates with you, someone who can lead you through the labyrinth of your fears and fascinations. You must be willing to trust this person no masks here, no armor, no hiding and they must be worthy of that trust. This is a crucial choice that should not be taken lightly.

Mistress Lucy Sweetkill is one of the rare few who meet these criteria. Using an uncanny knowledge of desires and techniques, she delves past your defenses and draws out aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. She is as curious about you as you are about yourself and this drives you to push your limits as much as or even more than Mistress Lucy does. So sacred is this symbiosis that after a session together it is not unusual to be flooded with feelings of devotion and awe.

What makes all this magic work is something unexpected: Play.

Mistress Lucy understands that true metamorphosis must take root in all of our emotions and so She carefully crafts a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere not often found in BDSM. This helps to evoke the entire spectrum of your personality and allows you to be fully present in the moment. By tapping into your playful side, Mistress Lucy unlocks your potential for continued growth and self-discovery.

This path will not always be easy however. All inner voyages require focus and sacrifice, and while Her demands may seem daunting at times, you can have faith that She has grand designs for you. Pain, denial, humiliation. These may sound frightening but they are the alchemy which will transform you into who you were always meant to be....



"Mistress Lucy is like no other, entering the room you feel on guard, anxious but totally excited and wanting to turn yourself over to her. She has such a controlling approach but at the same time realizes the uniqueness of each client she sees. Her greatest asset and what separates her from anyone else is her intelligence and ability to understand a persons strengths and weaknesses, their desires and their limits. She than masterfully takes you on a journey that you just dont want to end. It is remarkable the levels of intensity one can experience when with Lucy, shes amazing but be sure to hold on for the ride." --- Slave M

"It was her beauty that captivated me, but I had no idea of the journey she was going to take me on. I had planned my BDSM experience as some playful kink time. I am not a pain-lover I wrote in my limits.  Each visit with Mistress Lucy is an adventure. She includes my requests but with a devious and playful style that keeps me on edge and takes me a step further each time. Mistress Lucy has a way of pushing limits. She doesnt force, she encourages or rather entices me to go on. Her confidence and calmness is soothing as she walks me through each stage. You can do this for me, This is going to happen, so you might as well accept it now You know you want this, her words draw me in, making me want desperately to please her.  Look deeply into her eyes, she will take you there, wherever there happens to be."--- Slave B


*Novice friendly and encouraged 

*Couples welcomed

*Consultations available

*Extremely private + fully equipped incall (outcall available as well)

*Doubles + Group + Semi-Public play available

I do not offer SWITCH/SUBMISSIVE scenes, FULL TOILET or SEXUAL SERVICES of any kind, so please be respectful and do not ask. No illegal, unsafe, or non-consensual activities granted. Safe, sober, sane and consensual play only. Full assurance on discretion and privacy. Novice FRIENDLY.

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