The Art of Domination

BDSM / Fetish and Fantasy in New York

The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination
The Art of Domination

An elite force of Dominant ladies looking to take you captive!

About me

Welcome to the world of The Art of Domination! Is this the first time you've been intrigued by this mysterious realm? Or are you a lifestyle player looking to delve even deeper? No matter. We recognize that spark in your eye, that thirst to explore and test yourself. We know your hearts yearnings well because it echoes in our own. Whatever brings you here, it’s time to strip yourself of your presumptions, doubts and fears.


As you browse through the pages of our brand new site, learning about BDSM as you go, your interest is piqued. Are you ready to meet us now? The Artists residing within are not merely Dommes wielding whips, chains, and tired demands we are lifestyle players and purveyors of kink prepared to extract your deepest desires with expert skill. If it seems like we’ve had practice tying that intricate chest harness, or throwing a single tail, it’s because we have! Each Artist found her way to these pages through her own exploration in kink and power exchange. The play that we enjoy in our personal lives fuels the passion and creative energy that we bring to our sessions.

Domination allows us to take the reins and guide you through the world of BDSM that we love. Our playmates are breathing and bleeding things, and we believe that their fears and fantasies should be, too. From brief encounters that change the hue of your familiar routine, to scenes that transport you to a foreign realm of sensation, let us collaborate and create with you.


Our profiles describe our passions and interests. Each Artist is different and caters to unique fetishes and different aspects of BDSM. Take the time to get to know us - you will be rewarded by meeting a vibrant, powerful, enrapturing Goddess who will guide you through this world with skill, respect and aplomb.


What makes different? You'll have to meet us to find out!



Until we meet,


Adriana Evans


Andrea Pearl


Anja Romanova


Aria Wilde


Ashley Paige


Carmen Amar


Devorah Reine


Erin Black


Kinsey Pink


Mandie Rae


Margot Rose


Master Austin


Miranda St-Claire


Nico Page


Robin Ardeur


Roxanne Dupri


Stella Rosen


TS Rachel


Valerie August

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