Miss Lorelei Rivers

BDSM in Seattle

Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers
Miss Lorelei Rivers

Seattle's Most Sensual Dominatrix

About me

**Holiday Special**

Treat yourself to the gift of time with me! Through December 31st, take $50 off any session up to 2 hours, $100 off any session 3-4 hours. For longer appointments, please contact me for details. (Discount is from my published rates, and excludes public/social-only dates.)

Are you ready to embark upon an intimate adventure with me? Allow me to charm your mind and seduce your senses as we journey together into the realm of fantasy and desire.

Whether you are a novice or experienced player, I'm eager to share my own favorite fantasies and to delve into yours. Join me in my playroom for an exploration of pleasure, pain, and everything in between.

I am a lifestyle BDSM player with 10 years of experience on both the top and the bottom, although I prefer to be the dominant partner. My style of play ranges from light-hearted to severe, but is always sensual and intimate. I love touch, and my silky skin may soothe the sting of my sadism. I'm likely to giggle as I inflict pain. Depending on the company, I have been called "the mean one" and "the nice one". Which side of me will you see? It depends on you - I take pride in both.

I am college educated, a part-time librarian, and a voracious reader. You'll find me a stimulating and intellectual conversationalist, and I value thoughtfulness and wit in others. There is nothing so sweet as rendering an intelligent companion speechless with overwhelming sensation.

My studio, located 10 minutes from downtown Seattle, is not your average dungeon; it's more boudoir than torture chamber. Rest assured, the softer setting does not inhibit my ability to inflict pain or keep you firmly bound. On the contrary, the surroundings may lull you into a sense of security while my mind is devising creative torments for you...

Activities I enjoy

  • Rope bondage (restrictive, sadistic, decorative, full suspension by special arrangement)
  • Leather bondage
  • Plastic wrap mummification
  • Genitorture
  • Spanking, Caning, Flogging, Whipping, Paddling, Slapping, Punching
  • Sensation play: Clamps, Pinching, Tickling, Ice, Heat, Pressure Points
  • Heavy medical play
  • Electrical play (violet wand, stun gun, TENS unit)
  • Roleplay - let your imagination run wild! Be my student, patient, subject, slave, or employee. My favorite roles include the fascinated lab researcher, devious doctor, CEO in control of your career, and of course, Miss Lorelei the librarian, ready to discipline you firmly or read a sexy story aloud.
  • Dominance/submission
  • Discipline and Punishment
  • Shoe, Boot, and Foot Worship (I have a great collection of heels!)
  • Fetish exploration - What's your pleasure? Let's indulge it.


If this whets your appetite, visit my website for more information about me and how I like to play. It includes instructions for the details I'll need from you before we meet - I require screening before accepting your appointment request. Tell me your longings, then let me take the lead - I'll guide you out of the everyday and into my sensual dreamworld.


To earn my favor and speed our meeting, please visit my website before contacting me - it includes instructions for all the information I'll need from you!

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