Chanel Carvalho

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  • in Manhattan

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Upscale, Open Minded, Intelligent, Bombshell, Passionate, GFE, British/Brazilian... Do you need more reasons to see me?

I'm a siren. My song is soothing yet rife with possibility. Like the sea, I offer limitless adventure and pleasure; adventure, however, can never be divorced from danger. Follow me into the sea, away from the limitations and monotony of every day life. Your senses will be heightened, your interests piqued, and your desires satisfied. 

My looks and your animal attraction to them, got you here. Read on if you're interested in knowing me more fully. 

I am a scientist and a model. Some may assume that these two professions are mutually exclusive, but I'm living proof that they are not. I'm happiest when I drift off to sleeping knowing I've satisfied both my physical and intellectual longings that day. 

I'm well-rounded, discerning with discriminating tastes, and you should be, too. If you're looking for a beautiful, charming, respectful woman to indulge your passions with, you've found her. Follow me into the sea and I'll give you my best..

I look forward to seducing you..

Passionately Yours,




One Hour                                $500

90mins                                    $600

Two Hours                               $900

Four Hours                              $1500


**Please see my website for booking information. I require all new friends to be screened. No exceptions


TER ID: 299882

p411: P220553

Twitter: @ChanelCarvalho1

Instagram: Chanel.Carvalho



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