Goddess Valeria

  • BDSM 
  • in South Philly / Center City

I am Available Now

WELL-EDUCATED Happy PLAYFUL Nerdy Compassionate Sadistic DreamGirl GODDESS offering FETISH and FEMALE DOMINATION! Ask Me about ADDING MORE Hot Ladies to our session!


I am Goddess Valeria,
the most beautiful Goddess you will ever have the opportunity to meet!
I've got long thick strong legs, a plump and perky ass, and a devious giggle
, and I'm very caring in figuring out how to best meet your needs!
It's okay if you're a first-timer or very experienced in this stuff, you and I will have fun!
I'm a nice Domme by nature, but I am certainly sadistic without a doubt.

I offer two-girl sessions for all My session options,
so just let Me know if you're interested in adding another hot young woman to our fun!


I'm a tall 25 year old female Domme fetish service provider
living and owning property in south Philly, very near Center city, Philadelphia.
I am a full-time Domme specializing in foot fetish, but I welcome all sorts of fetishes and I'm learning more all the time!
I am 5'8" with shoulder-length natural platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.
I am slender with a tall narrow frame and a surprisingly voluptuous body.
I am 6'1" in my favorite pair of high heels.
I am giggly and confident and amused by you!
I love going shopping, I'll let you spoil me rotten if you only ask me.
I'm a sweetiepie with a true scientific love of satisfying your fetish. 

I'm a smart little misfit entrepreneur!

>>>>>>>>>services I offer

  • foot worship // leg worship // stinky/sweaty feet //sock and shoe worship // pantyhose // nylons with garter // clean perfect feet // tickling


My Feet are AMAZING Big Long Narrow size 10 beautiful Feet!
My Feet have a beautiful natural aroma that you will love!
My Feet are always clean and stinky! These two things can happen at the same time!
My Feet are soft and fresh and perfectly pedicured at all times!
I have silky nude pantyhose and sheer black nylons with backseams.
I have garter belts and thigh-highs and stockings!
I have a whole lot of shoes and socks!
I will definitely let you worship My Feet as you want them dressed.

Are you a “legs” man?
Do you want to worship beautifully long athletic curvy legs?
You're not allowed to wrestle back at Me, merely stuck in the struggle between My legs at My command
My legs will be in your dreams after you’ve experienced them!


My perfect Feet will feel AMAZING on your chest and abs as you look up at Me in humble adoration.
My balance is excellent and this will not hurt you at all.
I would love to walk all over you, from your face to your thighs!


  • take Me shopping or out to dinner
  • financial domination (serve Me with your $$$)
  • serve Me by doing my housechores - only $100

BONDAGE: inescapeable hogtie // four-point-restraints

everything you can imagine to turn you into the girly girl you’ve always wanted to become! including:
panty parties // feminine outings // make-up!! // personalized shopping trips to select your wardrobe!
coffee in Center City dressed cute with Me


  • whipping // hitting you with various leather implements // spanking with bare hand or gloves
  • get locked in my dog cage
  • humiliation
  • you are my human furniture


>>>>> hours of availability
>>>>> 9AM - 10PM EVERY DAY!

my website will fully elaborate on all of the details, so go check it out!!



$140 for 30min , $200 for 60min ,
2 hours: $375 , 3 hours: $550 ,
4 hours: $700 , overnight: $800

$260 for 60min , 
2 hours: $500 , 3 hours: $740 ,
4 hours: $980 , overnight: $1200

$100 for visit (3 hours maximum)

$50/hr + all other costs that arise


I do not offer any kind of sexual services and requests for sexual services will be denied. I do offer a whole lot of fun and self-discovery in a calm comforting discreet atmosphere, and it's definitely worth a try :)

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